Emerald Ring

By | January 30, 2009

Emerald Ring: Stylish and Elegant

Emerald ring antique attract women at different age around the world and become popular because of its stylish and elegance. Many  say that diamond ring is the best choice of jewelry ring.  However emerald has its own people and it is still the one of the most desirable gemstone engagement ring.  Many people prefer this ring because they like the way emerald look  and color.  Emerald is one of the big five stone which is very unique and is considered to be more precious and rare than a diamond

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There are 3 types of emerald depend on the way they are manufactured:

      • Natural Emerald, mostly mined in Egypt, Pakistan and Austria. Mackay emerald and Chalk Emerlad are example of natural emerald which are very popular around the world
      • Hydrothermal Emerald, are synthetic emerald. Emerita is one of example of this type of emerald.
      • Flux-growth synthetic Emerald is synthetic emerald crystal which is grown on natural beryl seed. These growth take time about several months.

An antique emerald engagement ring is a very beautiful choice.  It is rare and very valuable gemstone.  If you want to buy emerald ring it is better to purchase it from well known store to avoid fake emerald gemstone.  Here some tips in buying antique emerald ring for women

      • Consider the cut of stone. The price of emerald ring is also depend on the cut. Some cuts need special skill make the ring more expensive.
      • Be careful to check the stone , it shouldn’t have fracture
      • Consider the color of your preference. Green is the usual color of emerald gemstone. However, there are several shades of green to choose from. Emerald color range between dark green to lighter green. Emerald blue-green is usually more expensive than other color.
      • Check the transparency of the stone. A good gemstone should be clear meaning the internal appearance shouldn’t be cloudy

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