Unique Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Description: Unique Tanzanite Engagement Rings are a great choice for your special moment since the color of the diamond will shine beautifully.


Unique Tanzanite Engagement Rings For Your Special Moment

 Having a special moment with your couple in your engagement must be delighted. Maybe you have waited long enough for that moment. To create a beautiful memory, prepare unique tanzanite engagement rings for you and your couple. The blue color of the diamond will shine beautifully and she will love it. There are some designs that you can choose for this set of rings.


Options of diamond unique Tanzanite Engagement Rings

  • Emerald Cut Ara Ring; the rectangle shape of the diamond is designed specifically in a strong silver frame. The design is quite simple but it is very nice to put on your finger. You will find the beauty within the rings.
  • Round Cut Ara Ring; the round shape is perfect for you who like to have simple design. Although it is simple, the metal can protect the diamond well. You will make the ring as your long lasting ring to cherish your love.
  • Hurricane Ring; the design is very amazing with the round diamond in the middle between two white gold ornaments. The elegant design suits well for a romantic mobile couple.
  • Beyla Ring; the square shape of the diamond is between the two white diamonds. The design is very pretty for a person who knows well how to look glamour as well as flexible.
  • Graze Ring; as the name suggests, you will look so graceful wearing this ring. The round shape of the diamond is surrounded by many little white diamonds. Some parts of the frame are also embellished by little white diamonds. You will find it amazing for your finger.

Have a choice of diamond unique tanzanite engagement rings based on your favor. You will find it a good decision to have this set of rings because it combines beautiful design and strong structure. This ring will last for a long time and one day if you want to give them to your son or daughter, the beauty will remain the same.

Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Description: Bezel set engagement rings is the safest choice to have a ring with diamond because the strong structure can protect the diamond well


Bezel Set Engagement Rings to Protect the Diamond

 Having an engagement with someone you love will be complete when you have set of engagement rings. For someone special, you need to prepare it well. You need to choose the design and fit the size of the rings. If you want to have diamond as a part of the ring, it is better to have bezel set engagement rings. It is better in many ways.

This set of engagement rings has a strong structure to maintain the beauty of the diamond. It is the safest choice to have when you choose diamond, thanks to its properties to protect the diamond. The frame, which is made from metal surrounding the diamond, is designed nicely to present beautiful rings.


Tips for Choosing Bezel Set Engagement Rings

If you want to choose the set of engagement rings, you need to ask your couple to come with you to choose the design first. Choose the design based on your character. You can choose the small, big, or the elegant one. If you have a job, which needs flexibility, choosing the small one will be perfect. However, if your job is using hands less, you can choose the big ones. For you who work with many important people, it is better to have the elegant look to boost up your performance.

After choosing the right design, you need to fit the size of your finger. Make sure you fit it well, not too loose and not too tight, so that you can be comfortable wearing it. If nothing fits your finger, you can ask the worker at the jewelry store to make the set for you and your couple. It will cost more money, but it is worthy. You will be standout at your engagement party by having the bezel set engagement rings. Make it a nice memory of your life.

Antique Wedding Rings

Antique Wedding Rings For Your Special Moment

Antique Wedding Ring

Antique Wedding Ring

As wedding is one of the most important events in your life, you may want to make every single thing of it special or even unique. If you want a totally different look for your wedding bands, consider taking some antique wedding rings for you and your spouse. These antique wedding rings are very unique so you can avoid using common design like most single-stone diamond rings produced today. Moreover, the historical context that lies behind the antique wedding rings will add stories to your life.

Of course, finding antique wedding rings will not be as easy as finding usual wedding bands. The process to find the antique wedding rings that suit your taste and budget will be a whole different journey. You need to visit different places and resources from local jeweler to online shop offering antique rings. Otherwise, you can ask your family member for antique wedding rings that have been passed down as heirlooms from generation to generation. Thus, your antique wedding rings will not only speak of your love for your spouse, but also of your entire family bond.

Still cannot find any rings that suit you? Why don’t you go to trusted jewelry store and have them make your desired antique wedding rings? You can browse the internet for the design and specification. There are a bunch of resources you can steel design of antique wedding rings from. For a personal touch, customize your antique wedding rings with your taste, whether it be the choice of material for the rings of the gems that will sit on it. Thus, the rings will start their journey with you and when you passed down to your children and grandchildren, they will become the antique wedding rings of your own family line.

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